How to make a basic meatloaf from scratch.

Published: 19th July 2009
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If meatloaf is in your comfort food class then most likely you grew up with it. Comfort foods are like that. They bring back the memories of adolescence and the great smells and tastes from Mom's kitchen. In all probability my mother's meatloaf recipe, that is comforting to me, is not the same as your Mom's. That is what's so great about meatloaf. There's not a definitive recipe. It's a blank canvas. One of the most versatile meat starters there is. It can be anything you would like it to be. In a similar manner that soup is a food class. Meatloaf Basics Great meatloaf should be juicy but never oily. It shouldn't fall apart when sliced. It shouldn't be tasteless but it should also not be so heavily seasoned that it looses its meatiness. Although there's not a definitive recipe there are some basics to each meatloaf recipe.


Naturally it starts with meat. You may use a combination of meats including veal, lamb, pork or sausages. As well as the meat you will always have some type of binder such as eggs and a starch such as bread or cracker crumbs. Some recipes also include vegetables. The crumbs help to bind along with the eggs and also serve as an extender for the meat. Vegetables are also an extender and will help to keep the meatloaf moist. Just pulse them in the Kenwood. I know a woman that cleans her chiller of remains every week with meatloaf. Her meatloaf is rarely the same but usually good. You may also see meatloaf recipes with a topping put on before baking. A favorite is bacon strips. Tomato products are also popular. My Mom used catsup. Seasoning is a matter of taste. Use whatever you like. If there were anything basic I would say just salt and pepper. Beyond that allow your taste receptors be your guide. Wish to have a Mexican meatloaf recipe? Try chili powder and cumin. Use ground tortilla chips as the starch and a taco sauce topper. What about Italian? Then it's oregano and basil. Do you need a meatloaf with an oriental slant? Add in a can of oriental style vegetables and use soy sauce to taste. Do you see what I mean? Naturally you must still prepare the one that is comforting to you. But you can travel the world from your kitchen with meatloaf and all its fluctuations. Meatloaf truly is a flexible comfort food.

It is more flavorsome and more meaty than chicken and with extra protein. Meatloaf in all its forms is great in sandwiches, on a picnic, for dinner or as a hearty lunch. The most important thing you've got to watch out for when cooking any sort of chickens is to make sure it is seasoned well because I have found all assorted forms of birds incline to need extra seasoning versus meats like pork and lamb. Turkey Meatloaf Cooking Times Cooking time depends on quantity but as a rule I would cook 5lbs of ground turkey in a loaf pan at 325F for roughly 1 to one hours, until the internal temperature is 165F and the meatloaf is cooked through. What I do is saut three cups of onions and six cloves of garlic in extra virgin olive oil until translucent, stirring so the onions do not darken. Combine onion mix and turkey ( 5lbs ), breadcrumbs ( 1 cups ) and beaten eggs ( three ) into a large bowl. Some spread ketchup ( 3 / four cup ), mustard or catsup on top of the meatloaf. Cover with aluminum foil and cook at 325F for 1 hours until meatloaf is 160F internally. If you do not have a loaf pan you can spread the meatloaf on a baking sheet to about the dimensions of a thick burger. I would cover and cook at 325 for 50-65 mins till internally it is 160F, checking it every twenty minutes to make sure it's not burning. Tip : Meatloaf is just glorified meatballs so you may use this mix to make turkey meatballs or even turkey burgers.

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